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I've realized something about daily drivers

Recently, I acquired a winter beater to handle the duties when the snows of MidWestern winters turn the front air dam on Fit into a snow plow, and I've come to realize something about my daily driver needs. That winter beater came to my rescue when said Fit had to go into the shop just before I went to Texas for two weeks for work, and the two weeks following as that shop caught up on their backlog and finally got me in. Currently, I travel roughly 80 miles a day to and from work, and I was working on a plan to daily drive either a fantastically overpowered kit car or a pro-touring classic muscle car. However, those four weeks of living in a basic, basic, BASIC, power-nothing, 20 year old pickup made me realize that there are some things in my life that, while maybe I don't "need" them, I certainly do want them. Roughly, I really want in my daily driver working AC, cruise control, and an auxiliary jack for my mp3 player.

Don't get me wrong, my winter beater is a ton of fun. It's a '94 Mazda B3000, 4wd, 5 speed, that the original owner used as a farm truck and put a glasspack exhaust on it when the original muffler rusted out. Ever heard the v6 Vulcan with a glasspack? It is GLORIOUS. It rumbles like it's a much bigger engine, makes beautiful noises whenever you leave it in gear and take your foot off the accelerator, and I wish I lived near some actual mountains to have some tunnels to drive through, as I'm sure it would make me look like a much larger asshole than I am. That being said, I really missed the AC (truck has AC, it just no worky), not having to worry about my speed for long stretches of highway, and not being able to play my tunes and podcasts over the vehicle's speakers. I can fix two of those - eventually I'll spring for an AC reseal and refill, and a friend of mine swears he has a spare head unit with an aux jack he'll outright give to me.


Which brings me to my original plan for the daily driver options of ultra-cool kit car or also cool restomod muscle car... would these just be weekend/track/special day drivers in the back seat of life to a much more pedestrian daily with all my needs? Will a cool as hell pro-tourer be somehow lessened if it had some of the amenities included in it? Things to ponder on.

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